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Extended Promo for 3x16

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Stiles and Allison Interactions: 2.07/3.14

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Isaac heeds the call of his Alpha // 2x02 vs. 3x14

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as the tags of the person I reblogged this from state, these are two TOTALLY DIFFERENT situations. derek uses intimidation for a reason: he’s defending stiles, aka, defenseless human, aka innocent life. his intent is to make Isaac cower, to stop his attack and aggression. the alpha roar is specifically done to Isaac.

other case, Scott is roaring at someone else, ie, not Isaac. and Isaac is not doing acts of aggression, but in a situation where he’s hurt. in this case, the alpha roar, especially since it’s not directed at him, is something that inspires and reassures. 

you don’t need to tear down derek to build up scott. yes, there’s trust and strength between Scott and Isaac, because they’ve chosen to bond as pack and because they’re united in their goal of dealing with the werecoyote situation. but the specific context of derek’s alpha roar was to stop Isaac from committing violence and potentially killing someone, so of course that situation would involve intimidation and dominance.

it wasn’t just a situation of mean old derek doing something negative and scott doing something positive—it’s an alpha reigning in a wayward child vs an alpha giving strength to an ally while showing dominance over their common foe.

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Teen Wolf » More Bad Than Good + Red & Green (3x14)

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Stiles, you’re the one that always figures it out.”

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